Mais Alghanim

‘Mais Alghanim’, the first and the most successful project of Barakat Foods, was established in 1953 as a mess, providing cafeteria services to the employees of Yusuf Alghanim & Sons Co. Duly known as ‘Mess Alghanim’, this marked the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between the Kuwaiti & Expatriate communities and our founding father Edmond Barakat (Abu Emile) and his “Mess”. Through the provision of tasteful and quality food, this cafeteria soon became a favorite meeting place for Alghanim employees, providing both meals and take away services.

The progressive vision of Edmond Barakat was taken forward by his son Emile Barakat (Abu Emile), who expanded the business and relocated the popular cafeteria to the spacious location of the old Kuwaiti Television station in 1987. The name of the restaurant was then changed from “Mess Alghanim” to “Mais Alghanim” and it was registered at the Ministry of Commerce under the name of Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Co.

Over the course of next 16 years, Mais Alghanim gained immense popularity amongst its Kuwaiti and expatriate customers.

By then, the name of Mais Alghanim became synonymous with delicious and authentic home style Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine and seamless customer service.

In 2003, Mais Alghanim was relocated to its current location on the scenic Arabian Gulf road. This two-storied restaurant is inspired by authentic Kuwaiti architecture and design, symbolizing the heritage and spirit of the brand and its Middle Eastern roots. In order to meet the ever-growing demand of our returning and new customers, in 2010, Mais Alghanim opened its second branch in Mahboula along with multiple “To Go” take away and delivery outlets throughout the State of Kuwait.

What started as a dream has now evolved into one of the most popular names in the national Hospitality Industry. Today, the sons and grandsons of the founder Edmond Barakat are taking his familial passion for food forward and continue to extend genuine hospitality to their esteemed customers.

Mais Alghanim Restaurants


‘The ‘Mais Alghanim’ offers a pleasurable dining experience in the elegant and warm ambiences of both of its restaurants. These extravagant oriental dining halls are designed and tailored for enjoyable comfort; once seated, a unique food journey begins.

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