About BFC

Barakat Foods is a food service and hospitality company based in Kuwait that delivers unique food and beverage experiences.

Our roots in restaurant management stem back to 1953, when we founded our first flagship brand ‘Mess Alghanim’. While we stay true to the 60 year old tradition that made this brand a local and regional success in the hospitality industry, we constantly strive to provide satisfying healthy and trendy food concepts that cater for the market needs.

Since that time, we have endeavored to offer a rich experience for our clients of different age and ethnic groups. This is evident by our consumers’ acknowledgement through the reception of the Arab Region’s 100% consumer-driven ‘Service Hero Award’ for several consecutive years and the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

We are a team of qualified and dedicated professionals who excel in translating our passion for delectable food and culinary delights. Barakat Foods has set high hospitality standards that are achieved through the use of only excellent quality food ingredients. We understand our clientele and serve them by providing delicious food that is of great culinary and financial value.

The warm family ambience in our restaurants coupled with the courteous presence of our staff has resulted in having highly satisfied and loyal customer for generations.

At Barakat foods, we vision our work as more than just a job; our work is driven by passion and dedication to excellence. We use these strengths, resources abd capabilities to provide exclusive experiences for our clients.

Our Brands

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