Mais Alghanim comes in first for the seventh time in a row and the Country Winner for the fifth year

Mais Alghanim has succeeded in being the number one restaurant with the best customer service for the seventh time in a row. The award followed a 2017 poll conducted by Service Hero, the first performance index in Kuwait.  The Service Hero annual awards ceremony was held in the Symphony Styles in Kuwait on February 19, 2018.

The winning companies were identified after a rigorous data authentication protocol was conducted for the total 24,024 assessments that were collected online as well as via phone surveys, of which 19,356 were validated.

The 15 industry categories that were rated in the 2017 Customer Service Assessment included cafés, casual dining, fast food, new car sale, car service, clothes, electronics, home furniture, retail banks, Islamic Banks, ISP, mobile operators, private hospitals, regional Arab airlines, and supermarkets.   Each industry category was measured across up to eight service dimensions on a ten-point scale, which are reliability, speed, product quality, staff quality, value for money, location, call center and website quality.

Mais Alghanim’s win for the seventh time in a row is a high-level achievement that it was able to accomplish thanks to the ongoing efforts to maintain the quality service it has been providing for its customers since 1953. In this competition, Mais Alghanim has shown the greatness of its achievements in hospitality and outstanding services, which it develops year after year, allowing it to stay in the first place for the seventh year in a row.

The poll was conducted in a bid to show which services or goods really exceeded customer expectations in Kuwait. The awards were given following a direct vote through the application and an online voting that lasted for a whole year and included a large segment of consumers interested in assessing the services provided by companies in Kuwait.

The Service Hero index follows the protocols of Esomar, a leading European organization in the promotion of market research standards, as well as it adheres to the American Customer Satisfaction Index standards. Service Hero is monitored by an independent advisory board which consists of sponsor educational institutions, particularly the American University of Kuwait, the Gulf University for Science and Technology, the Australian College of Kuwait, the Kuwait Maastricht Business School, as well as senior professionals from some of the most prominent institutions, including the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the Boston Consulting Group and Noor Financial Investment Company in Kuwait.

Commenting on this great achievement, Managing Director of Barakat Foods, in charge of the Mais Alghanim Restaurants, Mr. Chawki Barakat, said, “The fact that Mais Alghanim has been number 1 in the catering sector for seven consecutive years is a great accomplishment for us and a greater responsibility towards our customers.” Adding, “The Barakat Foods administration seeks to develop the culture of hospitality and it continuously trains its staff and workers at all the company’s facilities to keep pace with the aspirations of Mais Alghanim’s customers by providing them with the best service they could possibly expect. This is how we were finally awarded and we dedicate this win to our customers who put all their trust in us and we promise to remain at the same level of hospitality as ever.” He also praised the efforts of all employees in all business units, without whom Mais Alghanim would not have been able to remain in the first place since 2010.

Meanwhile, the 2018 poll is currently available for all those who wish to participate, either through the Service Hero website, on social networking sites or even on the Service Hero smartphone application. Customers have all year to vote as they are given the time and chance to express their satisfaction and share their opinion regarding all the services they use and the products they buy